What sells fast?

They say people can’t be trusted, what do these guys think they’re selling? They don’t sell food for food’s sake, they sell that they want to give that person a fast, that they want them to feel better, they want that person to go on a trip.

You’ll go to a doctor in the morning they tell you you have a cold, and he goes on and gives you a dose of steroids. He’s done a great job. He’s got a great life. You don’t ask him about his job. We’ve got a friend who’s lost his job and can’t find work, he can’t find employment, he’s having trouble in everything he does. How long is he going to continue to have problems like that? Do you think he’ll be OK? No?

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What does that get you? People are worried about their kids all the time, I want a drug addict to look at me this way, “Look at my kid, I got my kid in this situation, I’m going to help him in some way, he’s doing okay. He’s getting up for school.” That’s the mentality we should try to remove, is we should be looking out for our own people.

A new study claims to show a link between brain-tissue atrophy and the severity of depression in the elderly. It’s based on MRI and blood tests. But it should be noted the study is in early stages, and is still a pilot study.

To see if MRI and blood tests were able to detect the specific areas of the brain associated with depression, the researchers recruited healthy men and women age 65 or older to take several brain scans while watching a slideshow of different emotions over time. Then they had them get blood drawn.

Their findings revealed “high levels of atrophy in the hippocampus with a significant decrease in the volume of the medial temporal lobe and the amygdala,” The Atlantic reports.

These brain areas are known to be associated with depression: research has suggested that depressed patients also suffer from these lower-order areas of the brain, and it’s known that they’re damaged in people suffering from depression.

As for who might be at risk for developing depression, the researchers speculate the people with the lowest levels of brain-tissue atrophy could be those in the middle aged to early forties.

Other findings from this preliminary study include:

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