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Sewing supplies that may be the items that sell best this year.

Stitches :




Dress accessories:

Clothing accessories:






Clothing and beauty:




Clothing and beauty supplies:


Tooth clipper:

Spongebob accessories:



How many times are there sewing events happening this year?

This is the third year that I have participated in one of these events.

What is your go-to pattern for people looking for more?

There are lots of designs that people need from sewing this year, but my “go-to” pattern is the one that is on the right. It was an inexpensive pattern, so that’s probably going to be the one that people will choose.

Are you going to sew more? Do you get discouraged?

Not at all.

Where will you be sewing when you’re not sewing any?

I’m at the gym in the morning and then I meet up with friends at lunch to go to work.

What do you love about sewing? What is missing?

I love sewing is the fact that it’s an activity that is a lot of fun. When you’re done with sewing that’s it. I don,t need to make anything or worry about any issues like I am now.

Where do you feel you excel?

I really like working on patterns, and I enjoy the process of learning about craft items. I love trying new patterns that I don’t know or know are from a pattern book.

What does it mean to you to have a personal relationship with your sew-able items?

Not just to create them for myself and others, but I love knowing a lot of people appreciate them for who they are. It’s been a fun project for me to know that I have created something that is beautiful for others and who I am.

Can you sew in the rain?


Thank you so much, Sarah! See you at the Sewing Expo this weekend!

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