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There is a market for the highest quality and most detailed drones but there are many components out there to be used with such a unit, some cheaper and others in between. You will see a number that seem to be the same and some slightly better than others as a result of manufacturer quality control which is often much lower than the others. The point is to use the tools available to you with the understanding that many tools are not made for use with drones and you will have to use them if it suits you. Also look out for accessories which you might want to buy so that you never have to use one that is not suitable for your project. You might want to consider a multi-rotor setup where you use the smaller quadcopters as the two rotors might interfere with each other.

What about battery life?

As drones get bigger you will find that the battery pack gets thinner and this can sometimes mean that the battery does not have enough space, at the same time you should keep in mind that even with a higher quality drone you might be using the same kind of battery anyway for up to 24 hours. So a minimum of 1000mAh is a good advice.

I’m buying a drone. How easy would it be to set-up?

The best way to set-up a drone is that you can check the drone flight manual for information on how to fly the drone yourself and which controls to use. If one is available then that should also be a good starting point. For other types of drones you will need some trial flying and a good understanding of how to use the available tools and settings. In any case try to get a sense of the basic aerodynamics for a drone and the controls as well. Then you can get the hang of it before you try to fly a more complex model. This might mean starting with drones that are very similar to your own or getting experienced to fly drones that you know.

I’m buying a drone and I don’t know what to do. What should I ask for?
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The next question to ask is which kind of drone you want to buy. I strongly recommend reading a few reviews to decide what drones might suit your project. The best thing to do is have an idea of what you might need and then go through the list of reviews that I have mentioned above. Once you have a feel for what you are looking for, it is even easier to have a look through different types of drones to see what they are really like and what

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