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I like to focus on building it out of wood and make sure it’s very tight and clean, using no wood glue. It will be easy to clean as it’s made from wood and I make sure it’s completely flat. Once you build it out your gonna want it for something else.

How should I make the frame? The main idea is to keep your frame as close to the wall or building as possible. The frame should also be strong enough that you can build things to it, like walls.

What is the minimum height needed? Generally it will vary but my advice is to use what you’re able to build, and build smaller if possible. Once you get around the size of a couple of rooms, you can get very large frames.

What kind of materials should I use? You can either work with any hardwood, or cut down logs and just use wood glue and make your own frame from it. If you use pine, use one for every two rooms/branches. It will give more support for what you’re building and will also help keep the tree in the same place. It’s also a good way to hide your frame away to make sure no one thinks is it’s wood. Also, don’t try and glue it directly to the wall as this can be a lot. You must first glue around where your tree will be attached.

I need a hole to make it taller/thicker. What kind of wood should I use? You can cut around pine or any hardwood and use wood glue. If you want more than one, use pine for the branches and then you can cut down the rest. If you want to make a bigger tree, go ahead and make more branches.

What kinds of nails should I use? You can use nails or screws, but I always start with nail heads. You only need a couple of them though as they’re really strong.

Will this help my house withstand a hurricane or big flood? I don’t think so, but if you’re in an area that gets flooded often, this is a fantastic idea.

Where can I get more information? You can check out these forums and other sites to see lots of great info on DIY roofs and walls.

Here is a list of all of the great DIYs and how many there are across the world. The list goes from cheapest to most expensive:

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