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This question was asked on a recent forum thread. I have to admit I am not an expert on wood, but I found some data from a research paper published in 2016 of the results of an old U.S. Forest Service publication on the sale of trees for different purposes. The chart below shows that the three kinds of “hardwoods” have different marketability and prices.

I also believe this chart should be revised to reflect the fact that certain wood species sell more than others. It is interesting to explore what kinds of wood species sell the best and why these sales are higher than other. For instance, oak (oak) sells for a lot but walnut and hickory (willow) sell for less. There are also other wood species in the forest that can be valuable in a garden or as an annual.

Here’s the chart from the old U.S. Forest Service publication. Note that the trees with a “4” next to the price of their product are worth more than these trees. So oak is very valuable in the garden and oak is very valuable on the market.

Is buying the trees necessary?

Another question about buying trees is whether it is necessary to purchase a big forest of tree for your garden or your home. I personally believe that buying trees is unnecessary for a garden. A garden with a couple of shrubs and a few flowers (yes, I said flowers!) can be grown almost from scratch.

Also consider the fact that large forest can make it impossible to grow crops or food crops. In terms of food crops, the average of the last few years of temperature and precipitation measurements is below the freezing point of most of the trees. What we call “natural selection” does not work on trees. Some species of trees are more valuable as perennial crops.

Finally, the average height of a tree in a forest is about 100′ tall. I am not a specialist on trees and would appreciate other experts on trees (and their potential value) help me refine this information.

What could I do with large trees for a garden?

It is possible to grow a garden and to have food crops with smaller trees and shrubs growing in the garden and other areas. There is no way to grow fruits, vegetables or other food items with large trees, especially in some regions of the United States. For example, it can be quite hard to grow food crops by growing food in a huge, tall forest.

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