What woodworking projects sell well?

First is woodworking, followed by carving. Most woodworking projects sell well, and carving does best too. And then we have hardware, sewing and masonry. All woodworking projects are good for any type of furniture, but carving is much cheaper than woodworking, so it makes sense for you to choose it in that category.

Do you have some tips for choosing the best woodworking projects?

Most beginner woodworking projects look really great, because they have a lot of detail and it is easy to make them. But don’t count on selling a great project all of the time. It is OK to start doing small, and then to try and sell more projects as you improve. And it is even OK to sell a project as a little fun experiment.

Do you have any resources or advice?

There are plenty of book reviews of woodworking projects on Amazon, but to really get started, try going to the book’s page, which will link you directly to the books you are looking for.

More woodworking books:

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