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Towards the end of the war the Japanese dropped a series of leaflets on the Philippines, warning them against signing the Allied Naval Treaty.

They told them that if they sign, they would be forced into serving in the “Japanese navy” – a position reserved for men over the age of 18.

So, how old is the ‘volunteer’? And what’s the ‘Volunteer Navy’ and why are their numbers so large?

A video of an angry driver hitting a disabled cyclist has gone viral in Japan and attracted a lot of attention because people are asking “is this what this country has come to?”

The incident took place in Harajuku, Kanagawa Prefecture, on Thursday, March 12.

The accident happened near a cafe, on one of the busiest pedestrian streets. The cyclist (pictured below) was riding on a sidewalk when he was hit from behind by a vehicle.

The cyclist’s leg and leg pads were injured as well as his helmet, but he managed to keep going.

The cyclist was taken to a local hospital for treatment where he is said to be in stable condition. In a video of the man’s ordeal that has been released by Kanagawa Prefectural Police, you can see his leg pads and arm covered in blood, while a woman shouts at him to stop.

“Please please let me go! I’m a young man!” she shouts at the cyclist in the video, while a man on the street shouts.

The incident has been widely shared in Japan, where many people have called the cyclist “crazy”.

In the video, the driver explains in broken Japanese that he didn’t see the cyclist until he struck him on the shoulder. When asked what the hell he does for a living, he responds “I’m a police officer.”

One commenter claimed to have been driving in Harajuku when he was first surprised by the incident.

“This is what we come for” he said to his friend.

You can check out the video for yourself here:

One Piece 739 is Expired

We appreciate that you are trying to read One Piece 739 on Manga Stream, but unfortunately that chapter has expired or been removed from the website

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