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6 Reasons to Start a Woodworking Business From Your Garage
The following are excerpts from my forthcoming book, The Myth-Solving Hero , which is also available in hardcover and Kindle. A review of the book was posted online this weekend by James D’Agostino . The book is available in PDF and paperback. I have posted all of the pertinent excerpts at the end of this post. You can also download a PDF preview edition of The Myth-Solving Hero from the link in the left-hand box and then print your own copy with the same free PDF and eBook software available at the link in the left-hand box in the left column.
 The Myth-Solving Hero,  Volume I:  The Myth of a Moral Universe , will be the first book I ever publish. It is not going to be a book of essays, but a book of short, to-the-point and insightful essays on the ways in which history, fiction, and the media has misinformed and/or misrepresented important subjects. There are certain subjects–such as genocide, war, famine–in which I believe that we should always take the time to look back, try to figure out why, and then try to figure out what can be done to make sure something like that does not, in the future, happen again, or is prevented in the future from happening again. 
 In the case of these particular subjects there are, as already mentioned, a number of reasons for believing that history and fiction will be wrong–or that history is being distorted by the media and society–but, in terms of the topic of war and genocide I believe that the most common reason for believing these things is that of media bias. 
 This point, the tendency of most media representations of the world to treat war and genocide as essentially inevitable and thus largely unprovoked events, is a subject of debate.  However, I would like to assert, in this post, the strongest possible case against the general assumption that this is a fact. First, I want to explain what this is not all about at this point. 
First, let’s look at what this essay is not. It is not my attempt to “prove” the opposite, that the media and society are deliberately lying to us, making war and genocide happen at such a high rate in

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