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After all this talk of the 2016 campaign, the media can’t help but turn its attention away from Republicans’ inability to offer meaningful solutions to America’s most pressing problems.

Instead, they’ve opted to focus attention on Democrats’ seeming lack of substance and lack of willingness to compromise, which has been captured beautifully on video by Rachel Maddow during the Democratic National Convention Monday evening.

The video opens with two speakers: Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel; a woman named Monica; and former Sen. Joe Lieberman.

But the real action takes place in between.

First, Maddow’s audience sees an interview the two women give after meeting Obama in Chicago. The second is Obama talking about the role Clinton wants to play in his administration.

“She sees herself, the former president, as kind of being the bridge between the American public and my successor,” he says.

“And I am very mindful of having a good relationship with her.”

When the Obama’s talk to Clinton begins, Maddow switches to a clip of Biden talking to the press about Clinton’s performance in the debates. She cuts to the video on Obama’s clip.

“The problem with the Democratic Party right now is they don’t understand the role of the president in governing,” he says.

“That was a big lesson I got from Bill Clinton when we had this whole convention business in ’92, ’93. And I was going to talk to you a bit but then I remembered I had the VP-elect’s ear that day. So I said, ‘I am talking to the president.’ Because if I’m not talking to him, there’s no reason for me to talk to anybody else.”

Watch video of the two women’s comments below, via MSNBC:

A woman who killed herself after being subjected to homophobic abuse was left feeling “broken” and “alone” in a “very dark time” following the tragic death of her husband, a new report reveals.

The report for the LGBT+ umbrella group Stonewall is revealing a “toxic culture” as a result of the “toxic legacy of discrimination” that the lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGBT) community has carried around for over fifty years.

The report notes the impact that homophobia has had on the “narrow range” of the LGBT+ identity group, adding that it

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