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This is the question I’ve been asked repeatedly by friends, family and anyone else who’s got a woodworking needs list. And it is an important one!

I’m a firm believer in using the best products on the market. If it’s a product on the market, I will always choose it over anything in the same price range. But if it’s not? That’s a different story altogether! It’s a personal decision; no one can take that decision for you.

I will certainly be using most of the woodworking tools mentioned above, to some extent. I’ve learned quite a bit about the tools over the last six or so months, and they are absolutely a part of my tool bag.

But I’ve had many friends ask me what tools I would first go buy – and the answer is simple: I’ll buy the best tools for the job at hand.

After all, as I mentioned in my book Building Woodworking, I am not a “buyer” as in purchasing a piece because I like it, but rather, I’m a “seller” – I want the best tool for the job. To me, the best tool is the one that most closely matches your tool needs and your budget. If that makes sense.

So, what will be next on my woodworking needs list?

First up – it does not matter which woodworking tools you decide to use first, as a general rule – they have to get the job done when you need them. But I am definitely going to be using one of the best woodworking books out there (at this point – not necessarily just the book – but a collection of woodworking books) for this project.

Second option – I’m going to get myself a router first.

I’ll get the Router Set (above), but I will then get myself another piece of wood.

And here I will use both the router set and the wood for my first lathe.

And here I’m going to get myself a bench – as I have always said, to build a lumbering shop a bench is like building it – you build it piece it together – not in halves.
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Finally – and this is the fun part!

After using some of the best woodworking products on the market for the wood-working project I want to build, I’m going to spend the next few weeks building a woodworking shop…just like a woodworking shop that I’ve

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