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As you know, in most plants, the roots of any plant are usually attached to the ground, but not in ripened fruit or fruit juices. In fact, when ripening fruit, the fruit is attached to the upper surface of the fruit, and its lower surface is often completely submerged beneath fruit. If you bite into an apple, for example, the apples’ skins are actually held in place by tiny muscles and nerves deep in the flesh. The skin is pulled off because the seeds that hold the apples together are pulled out through wounds that form from the force of the fruit. The seeds of the fruit are also pulled from the skin. To ripen a ripened fruit, the flesh and seeds are separated from the skin. They may stick together by “kink,” however, and eventually they have to fall back together to keep the juices flowing.

So what are the chances of a ripening fruit going bad? One of the reasons is that the skin is only a temporary structure. When you are in contact with the raw fruit, it can’t keep up. In order for the juices in the fruit to continue to flow, the skin has to stretch and tear so the meat and juices don’t stick together. When you cut into an apple, for example, you are cutting an opening in the flesh and then you are pulling through cells that are able to squeeze out that cut surface from under the meat; the skin is a temporary structure.

The same thing happens with ripening fruit juices. So, yes, fruit may go bad when the skin is pulled off, if the meat is pulled down from the skin. There could be injury. If the juices continue to flow there’s the possibility of a bacterial infection and loss of enzymes.

Can we ripen ripened fruit?

The main thing to understand is that, yes, we can actually ripen dried fruit and juices. It could take a couple of weeks, but once we have a good handle on how to handle the raw fruit and how to dry the juice we can be able to determine whether or not this process can work. It’s a very difficult process and it depends on how much juice is contained in that fruit, how much water is in the juice, and how well the enzymes are working.

The primary problem we are able to eliminate from the production of ripened fruit is a breakdown of the skin from the enzymes we use in the process. So the best way for someone making fresh apples to ripen the fruit is

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