How much do tattoo removal Techs Make? – Lemon Juice Tattoo Removal Results

Although many have made money working with tat and piercings in the past, it is now relatively common for Techs to make over 100K annually! As tattoos and piercings can be very complex to remove, there are a number of good ways to make money as a Tattoo and Piercurring Tech!

Types of Tattoo and Piercurring Jobs

There are different types of tattoo and piercing jobs. Many people work as a Tech when dealing with tattoo and piercings, while others have the option of taking on other jobs within the tattoo and piercing industry to make ends meet, for example, working as a barista, cleaning/cleaning and even a bouncer in a nightclub!

Tattooing/Piercing Services

Many tattoo and piercing businesses can offer either free tattoos or full-time employment as technology operators. One of the reasons tattoo and piercings can be so lucrative is because technology allows tattoo and piercings to be done faster than ever before. For example, the average tattoo and piercing has lasted less than 10 hours and could last over 20 hours during a typical workweek (although some places go up to 8-10 hours per workweek). The good news though is that tattoo and piercings can be taken at your own pace, allowing you to work with clients without having to rush too much (a common issue with older tattooing and piercing jobs).

You can see a list of these tattoos and piercings below:

Top 50 Tattoo and Piercing Companies

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